Mindfulness@School brings the Mindfulschools.org curriculum to your K-12 school. The comprehensive program is geared towards establishing a self-sustainable mindful school community.  At the core of the program is the mindful-educator led curriculum, which consists of up to sixteen lessons, each teaching a distinct mindfulness skill, through engaging and child-friendly instruction. The program also includes a variety of informational material, teacher-specific training sessions, mindful sits for teachers (and administrators), and parent informational sessions, all of which enhance and encourage participation to allow mindfulness to become part of the school community and ethos.

Program Goals

  1. To teach children and teachers durable and self-sustaining mindful skills relevant to their everyday lives

  2. To implement a self-sustainable mindful school community at your school

Implementation Plan Options

As each school is unique, a flexible curriculum implementation plan can be developed.  

Three example plans are shown below, each based on a sixteen-lesson mindful-educator led curriculum.  Along with the plans, a description of available plan features and an example schedule (for a 12-classroom plan) are provided.

Please note: If the implementation options do not meet your needs, a custom plan can be developed.

Example Plans:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 6.40.19 PM.png

Plan Features Descriptions:

  • 16-Lesson Curriculum: Each classroom will receive 16 instructor-led 15 minute lessons.

  • Program Length: Each classroom will be visited twice per week. As a result, the 16 lesson curriculum plan will take 8 weeks

  • Classroom Bell: Each classroom will be provided a bell. The bell is used to signify the beginning and end of of a mindful lesson

  • Supporting Materials: Mindful Schools research materials will be made available to teachers and parents

  • Teacher Support: Ongoing 1:1 teacher support will be provided during the duration of the program

  • Teacher/Staff Trainings: Two 40 minute trainings will be provided to teachers and staff. The trainings will cover best practices, insights and general Q&A in a class environment.

  • Parent Forum: 45 minute information session will be held to provide parents with an overview of the program, including Q&A.

  • Facilitator-led mindful sits for teachers: A bimonthly 40 minute mindful sit will be led by a mindful instructor.

  • Online Effectiveness Report Survey: An online teacher survey will be executed and reported back to the school. The survey will assess strengths/weakness and effectiveness of the program from a teacher perspective.

example schedule (12-Classroom plan)

  • 6 classrooms on Mondays and Wednesdays; another 6 classrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 2 months

  • Each visit will cover 1 lesson, resulting in 8 weeks to complete 16 lessons for all classes

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 6.55.37 PM.png

Program Cost


If interested, please contact Christine to arrange for a consult.  Depending on your school requirements and needs, a proposal will be developed and submitted for your consideration.

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