[Mindful Skill] Art Project Name

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K - 2

related mindful skill(s)

Example Breathing


Easy (Minimal prep/materials, easy assembly/cleanup, 1 person)

Medium (Some prep, some dexterity for assembly, 1-2 persons)

Hard (Must prep, older kids, 2 people required)


3 x 50 min session

Note to Parents


materials list

  1. Baby food jars

  2. Glitter

  3. Glitter glue

  4. Karo syrup

  5. Colored sharpies

  6. Stickers for jar tops


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mindful script

[15 min] Mindful Breathing - Finding Your Base

Did anybody remember to try Mindful Listening last week?

Let a few students share.

Today we are going to learn how to be mindful of something new. What am I doing right now?

Take an obvious inhale and exhale; let them identify…breathing.

Today we are going to learn how to be mindful of breathing. We are always breathing. We don’t need to learn how to breath, but we are learning how to pay close attention to our breath.

Even though we are always breathing, we usually don’t notice.

Let’s try it and see how we feel. Get your Mindful Bodies on.

Take a few obvious deep breaths with them.

Keep breathing like that and let your eyes close. Just feel your breath; pay attention to your breath while you are breathing in and breathing out.

Notice the different qualities between the two. 

Continue as long as the kids are calm and quiet.

Now, put one hand in the air and put it on your belly. Now take some of those slow, normal, quiet breaths.

What happens to your belly when you breath in and out? Yes, it goes up and down.

When we are mindful of our breath, that’s what we pay attention to; every time we breath in and out, we notice the movement in our belly.

Some people like to put their hand on their heart and notice the movement there.

Key Point: Anchor

Our breath is going to be our anchor. What’s an anchor? What does it do for a boat?

Yes, an anchor helps keep the boat where it is. If the boat starts to drift away, the anchor pulls it back in.

Well, that is what our breath is doing for our mind.

Sometimes when you try to focus on your breath, you might might find that your mind starts thinking instead of focusing on the breath.

When our mind wanders away from our breath or starts to think about things; we can notice it and bring it back to our anchor.


Let’s try it for one minute. Get your mindful bodies on and let your eyes close.

Let’s focus on our breath for one minute and feel that movement in our belly or chest or at our nostrils every time we breathe in and every time we breathe out.

How did that feel to focus on our breath? 

Allow several answers and point out if people had positive feelings associated with feeling the breathe.  Also point out how the room became calm and relaxed.

[25 min] Mind Jar Art Project

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Read Mindful Monkey Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer

[10 min] Wrap Up and Clean Up

Now we have learned to be mindful or sound and mindful of breathing.

Try to practice being mindful breathing between now and next time we meet. Since you are always breathing you can practice that any time! At your desk at school, home, walking or driving in the car. Etc.

Raise your hand if it is ever difficult to fall asleep? Well, if that happens tonight or tomorrow you can practice your mindful breathing and see if it helps you fall asleep.

Close with a Mindful Minute if time permits


The following note may be used to send to parents informing them of the lesson

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