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Adult weekly sits

Weekly adult mindfulness sits are hosted in an open group format, where drop-ins are encouraged and new members are welcome.  The hour long session begins with a guided sit, followed by a short check-in and open time for sharing joys, difficulties, and questions about meditation practice and how it is working (or not) in one's daily life. 

If interested, please contact Christine for date, time and location of the next sit.  



Mindfulness@School brings the curriculum to the K-12 classroom.  A typical curriculum consists of 16 lessons over the course of 8 weeks, each teaching a distinct mindfulness skill, through engaging and child-friendly instruction.


Mindfulness and you

For adults, children and families who would like to learn and explore mindfulness techniques in one on one or small semi-private environment.  

If interested, please contact Christine for more information.


Mindful art & play

Mindful Art & Play is a children's class that relies on art making and cooperative activities to explore mindfulness. This is a skill-building course that helps students explore the creative process and learn to accept, regulate and express emotions in a more conscious manner.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine for more information.


Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens

Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens are supportive sitting groups which addresses concerns that are age specific. Students are taught mindful skills and techniques for coping with anxiety, anger, fear, loss etc.  These groups also rely on art making and journaling as part of the explorative nature of mindfulness practice.

If interested, please contact Christine for more information.